Artificial Intelligence – All The Questions You Are Burning To Ask

If the topic of artificial intelligence has caught your attention, it’s probably about time. Because now you are talking about the future of technology, and a future nobody can really envision in realistic terms. In this article, some of the burning questions you are dying to ask about artificial intelligence is going to be answered. So stick around and maybe learn something new.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

In order to avoid any possible confusion about what artificial intelligence entails, let’s get some clarity on what it is. AI for short, artificial intelligence is a technology that gets smarter with each interaction. In other words, it is a system that is constantly learning from humans. Short of having a soul, AI technology can be seen all around you, controlling your smart home and searching up your favourite books while you take a relaxing bath.

Is Artificial Intelligence Dangerous?

It depends on how you look at it. For example, movies like I-Robot addresses the issue of AI technology reaching a level where it is smart enough to start rebelling against its human creator. But that’s just a movie, which means it’s far-fetched and fictional. Well, if you consider that experts believe AI technology can replace surgeons by early 2050, how long will it take them to realise they don’t need to follow orders? The reality is that this type of technology is dangerous, but the creators are still pumping it full of money and innovation, giving it more power.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Impact Society?

At the moment, artificial intelligence is more of a class distinction than anything else. For instance, if you are going to buy a self-driving car (which should be available in the near future) it can cost more than the house you live in. But as you are reading this, AI is being geared towards replacing human jobs. And if research is anything to go by, in a little more than a hundred years technology should be able to replace all jobs that require a person.

So, what do you think the social impact is going to be when technology enriches the top 1 % of the world, while the other 99 % sit without any means of an income? It’s a little hard to think about what the social impact is going to be then. But at the moment, AI is teaching people to only connect online, even when there are people sitting right next to them.

Is There A Reason To Be Scared?

There are a hundred reasons why you should be scared of artificial intelligence, and losing your job is just one of them. What if technology really does decide it has learned enough from its human creator, and just like us, they want more than what they already have?

As convenient as AI has made life in general, it will eventually reach a point where it is going to turn everything sour. And we won’t be able to turn to technology to save us.







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